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[edit] Location

Koorong Road in Albury.

NZSG: R04.01

[edit] Description

The cemetery is just over 8000 square metres in area.

The cemetery provides for Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of England and other denominations. The cemetery is divided into four sections, each section providing 186 plots. The total number of plots is 744 of which 163 are pre-purchased or occupied.

Over the last five years there has been an average of 2 burials per year in this Cemetery. Albury has a very small local population and will not require any further development to meet demand in the foreseeable future.

[edit] History

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Mackenzie District Council: "District Wide Assessment of Sanitary Services, Refuse Collection & Disposal, Public Toilets & Cemeteries"

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