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[edit] Location

Located on State Highway 8 on the southern approach to Fairlie the cemetery is approximately 2 hectares in area.

NZSG: R04.04

[edit] Description

The cemetery has 1482 Burial Plots and 72 cremation plot. The cemetery is in four sections for Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of England and unspecified denominations. The Cemetery also includes a Returned Services Section. Of the 1482 plots, only 361 are vacant and are allocated as below:

  • Presbyterian 48 Plots
  • Roman Catholic 79 Plots
  • Unspecified 97 Plots
  • Anglican 137 Plots

Over the last 5 years the average number of burials per year was 13.5. This is predicted to increase by approximately 20 % over the next 10 years with the ageing population. Of those buried in the Fairlie


  • 39% are Presbyterian
  • 24% are Anglican
  • 19% are Roman Catholic
  • 18% are Unspecified

If this trend continues along with the predicted ageing population the Presbyterian section could be full in 8 years and the entire cemetery in 22 years. Based on these assumptions, Council needs to consider making provision for land in Fairlie for a new cemetery by 2013.

[edit] History

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Mackenzie District Council: "District Wide Assessment of Sanitary Services, Refuse Collection & Disposal, Public Toilets & Cemeteries"

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