Flaxton (St Paul's Anglican) Cemetery

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[edit] Location

Corner of Flaxton Road and Hicklands Road.

NZSG: Q06.03

[edit] Description

Contact : Kaiapoi Parish Office 03 327 7084 or Anglican Archives Location : Corner of Flaxton Road and Hicklands Road.

[edit] History

To serve settlers in the Mandeville and Rangiora Swamp areas, the Torlesse family donated land for a church and cemetery at the junction of the Rangiora and Eyre Roads. This church served the nearby settlers as well as the Eyreton people until 1875, but with poor roads and frequent floods, communication was often difficult and the outcome was a decision to build at Eyreton where there was comparatively dry land and an increasing population.

[The Parish of Kaiapoi 1853-1982 by CWD Hodgson]

A number of the pioneers of this area are buried here – Mulcock, Bradley, Threlkeld, Plaskett and Pearson.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Waimakariri District Council publication "Cemeteries Within The Waimakariri District"

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