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[edit] Location

Hardwicke cemetery is located near the now vanished town of Hardwicke on the north shore of Port Ross which is on the north-east coast of Auckland Island, the main island in the Auckland Island group, 300km south of New Zealand.

NZSG: T04.05

[edit] Description

[edit] History

The Auckland Islands were named by Abraham Bristow, a whaling captain, in 1806 who named them in honour of William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland.

The islands were claimed by Britain in 1807 and temporary whaling and sealing settlements were established there.

In 1842 some Māori and Moriori from the Chatham Islands settled there and remained for 20 years.

In 1850 Charles Enderby established a settlement at Port Ross which was named Hardwicke. The settlement only survived until 1853.

[edit] Burials

  • Jabez Peters, first officer of the Dundonald. A survivor of the wreck of the Dundonald on 7th Mar 1907 he died on the 25th Mar and was initially buried on Disappointment Island. His body was reintered at Hardwicke Cemetery in November 1907.
  • Isabella Younger.
  • John Mahoney.

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