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[edit] Location

Hororata Cemetery is located on the corner of Downs Road and Hororata Road, approximately 2 km north of Hororata and serves the Ellesmere and Selwyn Central Wards.

NZSG: Q04.05

[edit] Description

The cemetery is in the grounds of St John's Anglican Church, which are generally well landscaped with particular value in the grounds’ trees. There were 2 burials in 2001.

The total cemetery area is approximately 12,135 m2 of which 560 m2 is used for graves and an ash garden, while 7,100m2 is available as lawn.

St John's cemetery is identified as NZSG: Q04.06 - are these two separate cemeteries or is there just one?

[edit] History

The cemetery was established in 1879.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

This article is based on the Selwyn District Council publication "Water & Sanitary Services Assessments: Cemeteries" June 2006

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