Ivanhoe Augarde's grave

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[edit] Location

This grave is in Travellers' Valley which is located in Molesworth Station, Nelson at Red Gate on the Acheron Road, 145 km from Blenheim.

[edit] History

"Here, the Severn River — which has a significant catchment starting on the Molesworth boundary — meets the Acheron River. On your right (travelling west) is a stand of pines and willows marking the grave of Ivanhoe Augarde, who shot himself here on 29 January 1868. Augarde, a worker at St Helens Station, was courting Miss Kate Gee, who lived in the Upper Wairau. He had written her a letter and given it to ‘German Charlie’, who worked at Tarndale, to deliver. Charlie, however, opened the letter en route and entertained various groups of men along the way with its contents. Learning of this, Augarde rode to Tarndale and shot Charlie (who died shortly afterwards) then carried on to Red Gate where he shot himself. Mount Augarde, to the right of Alma Valley, was named in his memory."

[edit] Acknowledgements

DOC brochure on Molesworth Station

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