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[edit] Location

Parnham Lane, Vickery Street, and Isaac Wilson Road, Kaiapoi.

NZSG: Q07.03

[edit] Description

The records are not complete. Burials are allowed in reserved plots only and some ashes plots are available.

[edit] History

The first Kaiapoi Cemetery was opposite the Kaiapoi Mill site, but was found to be not suitable as a burial ground since water was met five feet below the surface, and the loose sand shifted with each nor’wester. The next site on land, obtained from Dryden Sneyd, was near the electricity substation in Island Road, but that site was severely affected by floods from the north branch of the Waimakariri (now the Kaiapoi River). It was decided to move the cemetery to its present site about 1865. The land already belonged to the Church Property Trustees. The new site was laid out in the same way as the old, so that persons interred in the old could be moved to the same position in the new cemetery.

Friends and family of the deceased had to pay the cost of removal.

Although an Anglican Cemetery, non-conformists were not prohibited from being buried there. The cemetery received many interments because it was the burial place for all bodies on which inquests were held in the district between the Waimakariri and the Hurunui, and unfortunately there were many persons drowned before bridges were erected over the rivers. The Coroner of the early times did not always proceed to the locality to hold the inquest, but had the bodies brought in, and the certificates for burials were usually made for the Kaiapoi Church of England Cemetery.

About 1990 the Church Property Trustees began moves to transform the older south portion of the cemetery to a passive recreational reserve and hand it over to the Waimakariri District Council. The area had become very rough and overgrown and so the remaining headstones were grouped together, the area cleared and grass sown. The whole cemetery site is now administered by the Council.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Waimakariri District Council publication "Cemeteries Within The Waimakariri District"

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