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[edit] Location

The Kumara cemetery is located on Greenstone Road, to the north of Kumara.

[edit] Description

The cemetery is located on a terrace above the town in a clearing surrounded by regrowing native forest. The area was supposedly one of the richest gold mining areas in the world and the cemetery is the only area which was not mined.

East Side
East Side
West Side
West Side

[edit] Burials

Contact the Westland Council at Hokitika.

[edit] History

After gold was discovered there in 1876 Kumara became a major center in what was one of New Zealand's richest goldmining districts. Today the surrounding villages such as Larrikans, Dillmanstown, Goldsbourough and Stafford have vanished into the regenerating bush, and only a small number of the pubs and houses once in Kumara remain.

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