Lake Coleridge Cemetery

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[edit] Location

Lake Coleridge cemetery is located at the end of Kowai Drive within the settlement of Lake Coleridge, Canterbury.

Lake Coleridge Cemetery Location
Lake Coleridge Cemetery Location

NZSG: ul233

[edit] Description

It serves the community of Lake Coleridge. Little landscaping has been done here but the cemetery’s rural setting and low interment rate is conducive to its pleasant atmosphere. The earliest recorded burial is in 1918. There have been no burials at this cemetery over the last four years.

The total cemetery area is 18,270m2 and some is being used for pine plantation. There is 40m2 of grave area.

Lake Coleridge Cemetery
Lake Coleridge Cemetery

[edit] Acknowledgements

This article is based on the Selwyn District Council publication "Water & Sanitary Services Assessments: Cemeteries" June 2006

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