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[edit] Location

The entrance to Lincoln Cemetery is on Boundary Road, just west of Birchs Road within the township of Lincoln. This cemetery serves Springs and Selwyn Central Wards.

NZSG: Q09.05

[edit] Description

The area is set back from the road and nicely landscaped with well placed trees and shrubs throughout. The average burial rate over the years 2002-2006 was 17 per year.

The total cemetery area is approximately 18,930 m2 of which 2655m2 is used for graves and ashes, while 19,000 m2 is available as medium lawn. The cemetery is easily accessible from Boundary Road,

[edit] History

The cemetery was established in 1879.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

This article is based on the Selwyn District Council publication "Water & Sanitary Services Assessments: Cemeteries" June 2006

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