Loburn North (Raithby) Cemetery

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[edit] Location

132 Chapel Road, Loburn

NZSG: Q03.09

[edit] Description

Closed for burials at this stage (late 2005).

[edit] History

Raithby Methodist Church was built in 1866, with an area set aside for a cemetery. The church was shifted in 1966 to Journey’s End campsite. It was named by David Pattrick after Raithby Hall, Lincolnshire.

The Methodist Church sold the burial ground to a company ‘Trees love people’ to operate as a private cemetery but this was not possible as private cemeteries cannot be established in New Zealand. The ground has since reverted to government ownership, with its future under discussion.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Waimakariri District Council publication "Cemeteries Within The Waimakariri District"

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