Offshore Island Cemeteries

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[edit] Auckland Islands

Hardwicke Cemetery (Port Ross) NZSG: T04.05

[edit] Campbell Island

Campbell Island Cemetery NZSG: T04.04

[edit] Chatham Islands

Owenga Cemetery, NZSG: Q13.01

Te One Cemetery, NZSG: Q13.02

Te Raki Cemetery, NZSG: Q13.01

[edit] Hauraki Gulf Islands

SS Wairarapa Graves, Tapuwai Pt, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: ul338

Alcock Family Cemetery, Harataonga, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.01

Fitzroy Cemetery, Fitzroy, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.01

Sanderson Family Cemetery, Claris, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.01

Graves Island Cemetery, Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.01

Tryphena Cemetery, Tryphena, Great Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.01

Boyds Hill Cemetery, Kawau Is. NZSG: B01.01

Kawau Island Cemetery. NZSG: B01.01

Little Barrier Cemetery, Little Barrier Is. NZSG: B01.0

Motuihe Island Cemetery, Quarantine Station, Motuihe Is. NZSG: B01.01

Moturekareka Island Cemetery, Grave of Charles Hanson. NZSG: ul368

Motutapu Island Cemetery, NZSG: B01.01

Ponui Island Cemetery, Chamberlins Island, Ponui Is. NZSG: B01.01.

Rotoroa Island Cemetery, Rotoroa Is. NZSG: B01.01.

Te Matuku Bay Cemetery, McLeods Bay, Waiheke Is. NZSG: B01.01.

Onetangi Lawn Cemetery, Waiheke Is. NZSG: B01.05.

[edit] Kermadec Islands

Raoul Island Cemetery NZSG: A01.01

[edit] Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island Cemetery, NZSG: T04.

[edit] Ruapuke Island

[edit] Stewart Island

All Steward Island Cemeteries are under NZSG: T04.03

Lonnekers Cemetery

Lee Bay Cemetery

Ringaringa Cemetery

Bragg Bay Cemetery

The Neck Cemetery

Halfmoon Bay Cemetery

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