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[edit] Location

The Shands Road cemetery is located on Shands Road approximately 3km west of Prebbleton.

NZSG: Q09.01

[edit] Description

The area is pleasant and well landscaped, featuring an access track and walkway around the area. There are both denominational and non-denominational areas, with a detailed sign providing a key to the cemetery. The area is quite open and exposed to the sun, however a number of young trees have been planted recently which will provide shade in the future. The average burial rate over the last four years was 18 per year.

The total area of the cemetery is about 56,580m2 and includes 2,180m² of grave area, 5,410m² of graves lawn, 43,370m² of medium lawn and approximately 500 trees. Many of these trees reside within areas of the cemetery that have been set aside for forestry. The cemetery is easily accessed, bordering directly onto Shands Road.

[edit] History

The cemetery was established around 1881.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

This article is based on the Selwyn District Council publication "Water & Sanitary Services Assessments: Cemeteries" June 2006

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