Springfield (Kowai Pass) Cemetery

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[edit] Location

Kowai Pass cemetery is located on West Coast Road within the township of Springfield and serves Malvern Ward.

NZSG: Q04.10

[edit] Description

The average burial rate 2002-2006 was 3.5 per year.

The total cemetery area is approximately 18,710 m2 of which 675 m2 is used for graves, while 8,662 m2 available as lawn. A radar survey in 2004 revealed approximately 100 unmarked graves. Water is available. The cemetery is shielded from the road by a hedgerow and surrounded by trees, lending it a peaceful atmosphere. It is easily accessed from the West Coast Road.

[edit] History

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

This article is based on the Selwyn District Council publication "Water & Sanitary Services Assessments: Cemeteries" June 2006

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