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[edit] Location

Twizel Cemetery is located on Glen Lyon Road in Twizel.

NZSG: R04.*

[edit] Description

The area of the cemetery is just less than 4000 metres of which approximately half is currently in use.

The lawn cemetery provides an ashes section and a burial section for both RSA and general public it does not provide for various religious denominations as is the case in all other cemeteries. Less than 50% of the cemetery’s site has been developed and a total of 71 Burial plots have been used or pre sold with 41 burial plots available in the current section including RSA plots.

Over the last 5 years there has been an average of 4 burials per year in this cemetery. Within this developed area (the north side of the access path) there remains provision for a further 6 – 8 years before further development is required. The south side of the access path provides for a further 210 Burial plots and 120 Ash plots.

One minor issue that has arisen in recent years is the ground conditions within the cemetery. The presence of large boulders below ground has caused stability problems with some plots and has forced some of them to be abandoned. To overcome this issue greater spacing has been provided for within the new rows.

It has reduced the number of plots per row but provides a safer environment to work within. Despite this issue, based on the above there is unlikely to be any further requirement for cemetery development in Twizel in the foreseeable future.

[edit] History

The cemetery was established in 1989.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Mackenzie District Council: "District Wide Assessment of Sanitary Services, Refuse Collection & Disposal, Public Toilets & Cemeteries"

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