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Welcome to KiwiWiki, hosted on my website KiwiCelts. I would like to hear from you about your interests, your thoughts on this Wiki etc. Click on 'E-Mail this user' in the Toolbox on the left.

Please feel free to add to the Wiki!

My Family History interests are:

  • Cemeteries (a lifelong fascination inherited from my mother!). I have been compiling information on New Zealand burial sites which is documented at:
  1. List of New Zealand Burial Sites
  2. Map of New Zealand Burial Sites (using Google Maps)
  3. New Zealand Cemetery weblinks linking to websites with burials databases and descriptions of cemeteries
  4. This Wiki where I have started to add the stories and photos of burial sites, see Category:Burial Sites
  • Our Family History, the principal names being:
    • My family:
      • Lynn: Co Antrim, Ireland and Hastings, NZ
      • O'Kane: Co. Antrim, Ireland and Gisborne, NZ
      • Walls: Co Derry, Ireland and Gisborne, NZ
      • McCormick: Co Derry, Ireland and Gisborne, NZ
      • Bull: Hertfordshire & Middlesex, England and Christchurch, NZ
      • Taylor: East Anglia, England and Christchurch, NZ
      • Robinson: Co. Tyrone, Ireland and Christchurch, NZ
      • Davidson: Morayshire, Scotland and Christchurch, NZ
    • My wife's family:
      • Joy: Bedfordshire, England and Kaiapoi & Christchurch, NZ
      • Harper: Norfolk, England and Christchurch, NZ
      • MacKay: Sutherlandshire, Scotland and Taieri, West Coast and Cheviot, NZ
      • King: Co Meath, Ireland and Reefton & Greymouth, NZ
      • Greibel: Kindenheim, Pfalz (was Bavaria), Germany and Kaiapoi, NZ
      • Bratz: Lasin, Poland (in the 19th C this was Lessen, West Prussia) and Kaiapoi, NZ
      • Guy: Cork and Limerick, Ireland and Inglewood, Kumara & Christchurch, NZ
      • Canter: Limerick, Ireland
      • Josselyn: Essex & Suffolk, England
      • Steward: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England


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