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The Chinese chartered the Ventnor in October 1902, to take remains of their kinsmen back to China. There were 499 coffins loaded for re-burial in China. The coffins were loaded from the South Island; and calling into Wellington on the 26 October 1902 they loaded some from the Jungseng area. These were loaded on the deck of the Ventnor. Then it was Hong Kong bound.

On the 27 October 1902 the steamer was holded. It managed to free itself by reversing the engines. It was decided to proceed to Auckland for repairs.

However at about 9pm on the 28 October 1902 the ship foundered. Ir was about 10 miles off Omapere in the Hokianga Harbour. About 13 lives were lost. The coffins on the deck floated off; the rest went down with the steamer, and reman there today.

Nigel Sew Hoy presentation at the Going Bananas conference

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