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[edit] Carterton

[edit] Clareville Cemetery (G05.01)

[edit] Hutt City

[edit] Kapiti Coast

[edit] Masterton

[edit] Porirua

[edit] South Wairarapa

[edit] Cemetery of the victims of the Zuleika Shipwreck (G04.01)

[edit] Featherston Soldiers Cemetery. South Wairarapa. (G04.02)

Contact Adele for the lists of all the soldiers buried here, and photographs of each headstone. Over 150 soldiers died during the Influenza outbreak in 1918. There is a obelisk in the cemetery, with the names of the soldiers that died in the Military Camp and are either buried at Featherston, or their home town.

[edit] Upper Hutt

[edit] Wellington

[edit] Karori Cemetery (M02.12)

[edit] Makara Cemetery

The Chinese have the Tung Jung hill and the Poon Fah hill.





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