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Creating an account

Before you can edit or create a page you need to create an account by clicking the link at the top of each page, and then log in.

Creating a new page

To create a page, you simply create a link to it from an existing page by enclosing your new page name in double square brackets:

[[your page name]]

Save the page and click on the link you have just created and you will be at your page and ready to edit it.

Editing, Formatting, Internal & External Links

Basic layout can be done very easily using Square Brackets, Commas, Fullstops etc. You can either type the control characters yourself or click on the icons above the Edit box. For example to create bold text you use:

'''Bold text'''

and to create an external link to another website you use:

[ description]

If you want to get fancier it is possible to embed the usual HTML commands.

Note that level one headings (the underlined headings on this page) are used by the Wiki sofware to denote chapters which can be edited and linked directly. Use sparingly and don't use them just to highlight a sub topic heading.

See: Wikipedia Tutorial.

Previewing and Saving

Before you save a page, please:

  • Preview and spell check your contributions,
  • Put a note in the Summary as to why you are making the change (or tick the minor change box if it just a spelling, grammar or basic layout change),
  • Make sure you have links to take your readers back to other pages,
  • While it seems silly to say this, do remember to SAVE your page!! As I have discovered, it is all too easy to click on a link in the article you are previewing and forget to save your work. If you do this, don't panic as you should be able to click on "Go Back".

Remember that every time you edit a page, a record is made in the database. You can review the changes made to any page and see who made them, by clicking the "history" tab at the top of the screen.

Adding Images

Images are a little trickier, but still quite straight-forward, see: Wikipedia Picture Tutorial.

Once you add a link to an image, preview the page and then save it. You can click the link in the preview screen, but as you haven't saved the page, you run the risk of forgetting to come back.

Once the page is saved, click on the link to the image that has been created. This will prompt you for the location of the photo on your computer and will then upload it from your computer to the Wiki site. Once the image has been uploaded it will be shown on the page in place of the link. This process is self explanatory, but see Wikipedia - Uploading Images for guidance.

Note: Please make sure you are downloaded low resolution images as many digital images can take up considerable space. Large images may be edited to reduce their size. MediaWiki recommends a maximum size of 1000 x 720 pixels. An excellent shareware program for editing file size is [1].

Etiquette and Legal Stuff

As mentioned on the Main Page, like any other community there need to be a few rules. Ideally I do not want to interfere in any way in what is added to the site. I believe that the key is consideration to the rights of the other users - for example by by not flaming or adding objectionable material - and to me as the site owner by not abusing the site's objectives, which are basically to provide a resource for publishing items of interest on New Zealand history and Genealogy, and using it for other purposes.

In the end I must follow the law in the USA (where the site is hosted) and in New Zealand and also the rules that I have agreed to from the website's host [|WestHost]. As a result I must reserve the right to delete any material which I deem objectional or irrelevant and to ban users who publish such material.

Please read this excellent article for guidelines: Wikipedia Etiquette


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