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While it is very easy to do, entering your first page is a bit daunting and so I have added this page to step you through the process. It is actually a LOT easier to do than it is to describe!

Note that you will need an account and to log in to it, to be able to do this.


[edit] How did I create this Page?

[edit] Step 1. Search for the topic

To make sure your new topic does not already exist, before creating your new page you should search for the topic using the Search in the left column.


Before creating this page I searched for: "Creating a New Page".

If you find that there is already a topic with that name (or with similar content), you can edit the page (even if it is not yours) and add your comments, corrections and/or your own information to the existing article.

Alternatively you can create a link to your new page from the page you have just found (see Step 2).

If the Search does not find a page, the search message will say (for my example):

There is no page titled ""Creating a New Page"". You can create this page.

For more information about searching KiwiWiki, see Searching KiwiWiki. 

Click on 'create this page' which will automatically create the new page. It will be titled with the text you searched for (in my example "Creating a New Page") .

Continue to step 3.

[edit] Step 2. Create a Link to your new page from an existing page

Open the page to which you want to add the link and click on Edit.

An edit box will open up below the text, scroll down to this and at the position you want to add the link simply type:

[[Creating a New Page]]

The square brackets denote this as a link. The new page will in this case be called "Creating a New Page".

If you want to display different text to the name of your page (for example "To Make a New Page"), enter the link as:

[[Creating a New Page|To Make a New Page]]

In either case the new page will be called "Creating a New Page".

Preview the page by clicking on the "Show Preview" button below the edit box and when you are happy with the new version, enter a summary of why you have edited the page and then click the "Save Page" button.

In the revised page, click your new link which will automatically create the new page.

[edit] Step 3. You have Created a New Page

Which ever way you created the page, you will now be in your new page and already in Edit mode - just enter your text (see "Entering Text" below).

[edit] Step 4. Changing the Page Name

Changing a page name is not too hard, you simply click on the Move tab at the top of the page.

You should note however that the Old Page is not deleted. The contents of the Old Page are moved to the New Page and a redirect command is inserted, redirecting any other pages linking to the Old Page to the New Page.

It can be a bit annoying to have stray pages lying about and so it pays to make sure you have the name correct before creating it.

[edit] Entering Text

You have already done the hardest part. You can now just enter your text.

One oddity is that to create a line break you need to press Enter twice.

The basic format commands can be entered either using the Icons at the top of the Edit box or by simply typing the special characters, see formatting command summary for a few examples.

[edit] Additional Help

Click on help in the left column and read the Wikipedia and mediaWiki articles linked there.

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