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New Zealand History Wiki

Welcome to KiwiWiki, which provides a place where anyone can record items of New Zealand History (people, places, events etc).

Sites such as the New Zealand Encyclopedia and The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography are excellent resources for 'important' items, however much of New Zealand's history is in the stories of individuals, places and events that have either never been recorded or which are recorded in difficult to find, local or private publications.

While it is possible to submit articles to these sites for publication, there is no guarantee of publication. Using KiwiWiki, anyone can not only add an article and see it appear on the web immediately, but also expand, add comments and make corrections to any other article. As a result, over time, the information will become more complete and more accurate.

Read this article on Creating a New Page and start adding articles today!

Topics of Interest

Click on the title of this section to see a list of all Categories. Remember to include Category tags in your articles, new Categories are created automatically when you include the name in a tag.

Wanted Pages and Wanted Categories

By simply creating a new page/category and not editing it, the new page/category is placed into a Wanted List. Hopefully this will stimulate others to write articles on that topic. To see the list of wanted pages/categories look under Special Pages in the Toolbox or click this section's title.

Editing and Creating Pages

It is very to edit and create pages in mediaWiki, however you DO need to read a little before starting. Fortunately this is exactly the same software that Wikipedia uses and so I have included links to their help pages in KiwiWiki: Help Contents, together with an overview of the basics.

To learn to use it without fear of making an error, a good place to start is the Wikipedia: Sandbox where you can play without consequences.

It is well worth printing the MediaWiki: Reference Card.

You will also need to have a user account - please contact me.

Lastly have a look at KiwiWiki: Help Reference for a summary of the basic format commands.


By clicking on the Discussion tab at the top of any article you can record your comments and discuss points relating to the article.


Please read the Wikipedia: Etiquette Guidelines before making changes or comments. As a Wiki, there are no real restrictions on what can be recorded here. It has no structure, except what you create yourself, and so it will become pretty much whatever the community wants it to be, however as in all communities there need to be some 'rules':

  • No copyrighted material without the referenced permission of the copyright holder.
  • No inflammatory, illegal, pornographic or other objectional material.
  • Only items of relevant public interest. This is not a substitute for you having your own website for your family tree or other personal information. For example I will not put my own family tree on this Wiki, but I may include short biographies of some individuals who I consider to be of wider than family interest. This is somewhat subjective and so if you are in doubt please contact me first to discuss what you want to add.
  • History is a subjective and inexact subject and so I expect that corrections and alternative views will often occur. If you disagree with a publication I suggest that you either use the Discussion feature, contact the author and reach a consensus, or publish your alternative on the same page or on your own new page.

Also see KiwiWiki: Etiquette and Legal Stuff

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