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New Zealand Burial Sites

There are over 1600 burial places in New Zealand ranging in size from the large, carefully managed cemeteries in our towns and cities, mainly owned and operated by our district and city councils, to the burial sites of individuals, who in the early days of our history were often buried near to where they died, often in isolated spots.

In between these extremes there are a large variety of burial places; private family cemeteries, trust and church cemeteries, some commercially operated cemeteries, historical burial sites which were often never officially gazetted, Maori Urupa (cemeteries) etc. The modern practice of cremation has also resulted in different forms of remembrance such as memorial walls and gardens.

Some important and fascinating knowledge of New Zealand is contained in the history of these sites and the history of those who are buried there.

This section of the Wiki contains additional information on some of the burial sites which are listed in my List of NZ Cemeteries and NZ Cemeteries Map.

Murray Lynn

Links to Burial Sites

Items categorised as 'Burial Sites'.

To find information, you can either search for the name or click on the Province links below:

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Offshore Islands


Please note that it is not the intention of these pages to document the actual burials. For this information the NZSG New Zealand Burial Locator CD (a directory containing over 1 million names) is the best and most comprehensive resource. I have also an area on my website where I have documented links to burial databases on many council and private websites and links to other websites with New Zealand cemetery and burial information.

For large cemeteries a database is the only practical method to record burials, however it would seem to make sense to record the burials for smaller burial sites here. Where the breakpoint is (ie the practical number of burials to list here), only experience will show.

For consistency, use the Burial Site Template to create a new page: {{subst:Burial Sites}}

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