Rangiora Lawn Cemetery

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[edit] Location

Corner of East Belt and Coldstream Road, Rangiora.

NZSG: ul342

[edit] Description

[edit] History

The land for this cemetery was given to the town in 1880 by early settler Samuel Andrews to be used for recreational purposes and was named Maria Andrews Park in memory of his wife. The Rangiora Borough Council had been looking for a suitable site for a public cemetery since the 1860s. Their efforts were frustrated by the opposition of the adjoining local authorities, and the narrow denominationalism. The Borough Council owned a useless piece of riverbank parkland, which was seen as a possible solution. In 1940 the status of the park was changed by Order in Council from a recreation ground to a reserve,prepared as a lawn cemetery, and as the Maria Andrews Cemetery, was declared open in June 1942.

[edit] Burials

[edit] Acknowledgements

Waimakariri District Council publication "Cemeteries Within The Waimakariri District"

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