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Here they began market gardens on the fertile plains; green grocer stores to sell the vegetable they grew. Here they began market gardens on the fertile plains; green grocer stores to sell the vegetable they grew.
-Below is the map of where our Zengcheng people came+Below is the map of where our Zengcheng people came http://wikimapia.org/#lat=23.1214166&lon=113.5905647&z=13&l=0&m=a&v=2
- +
- +
- http://wikimapia.org/#lat=23.1214166&lon=113.5905647&z=13&l=0&m=a&v=2+
''' Stratford''' ''' Stratford'''

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Taranaki Chinese

The Chinese, many of them Chans,from the Sun Gai village, Jung Seng, Canton, began arriving from the South Island, when the Waimate Plains was opening. (Jung Seng is today known as Zeng Cheng)

Here they began market gardens on the fertile plains; green grocer stores to sell the vegetable they grew.

Below is the map of where our Zengcheng people came http://wikimapia.org/#lat=23.1214166&lon=113.5905647&z=13&l=0&m=a&v=2


Chan Sheen Chong, from Sa Chuen village, arrived in Stratford in 1904, to help his sister and brother in law's business.

1911-1914 Yee Kee, laundry


Another Fire -

23 February 1901 - OUTBREAK IN PRINCES STREET. At five minutes to 12 last night a fire was discovered jn a detached washhouse at the rear of the Buifet,Owned by Mr George Ah Chang and occupied by Mrs Rowberry. - Papers Past Hawera & Normanby Star http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&srpos=48&cl=search&d=HNS19010223.2.9&e=-------en--41----0ah+chang-all

27 August 1902 - Advert: AH CHANG, GENERAL GROCER, PROVISION MERCHANT, AND CEYLON TEA IMPORTER, Princes Street HAWERA. 401b bag Sugar 7/9; 251b bag Oatmeal 4/4; Kerosene 4/ per tin; 50lb Flour 6/; Currants 5d per lb; Raisins 7d per lb; Sultanas 7d per lb; Peel 6d per lb; Household Soap 6/8 per box; Jams 8/8 per dozen; Marmalade 5/6 per dozen. Any other line not mentioned, the same prioe or lower than the leading man. To seoure these benefits, the goods must be paid for before leaving the premises. AH CHANG, General Grocer and Merchant, Ceylon Tea Importer, Princes Street Hawera. - Papers Past Hawera & Normanby Star

Postcard Ca 1910 - showing site of Chinese shop,immediately opposite Union Street and building in background is on the corner of Regent Street. "Koung Young grocer - Chin San Shing - Furniture made to order" There is also a black and white photo of the shops, but with a wider perspective, taken in 1905. The photo is at Te Papa. http://www.kiwicelts.com/mediawiki/index.php/Image:Hawera_-High_St%2C_Opp_Union_St.jpg

There may have been a Chinese store next to the White Hart and another one close to the cast –iron mail box.

Wong On Kee - A photo taken in High Street C 1910. Note the verandah and lattice work.

The store front of the Fruit and grocery business of On Kee & Co

1 b&w original negative(s); ca 1910 Shows the store front of On Kee & Co, with the display sign 'Fruiterers & Grocers' and 'Cash buyers for fungus'. Three men holding bicycles are standing outside the store while another man, possibly Chan Sheen Chong from Manaia (brother in law of Wong On Kee),with legs crossed and one arm leaning on boxes, stands behind. Photograph taken by James McAllister ca 1910. Part of: McAllister, James, 1869-1952 :Negatives of Stratford and Taranaki district (PAColl-3054)


Greengrocery shop interior.[ca 1920s-1930s]: probably in the Taranaki region. Shows a Chinese shopkeeper in the centre of the store, standing behind baskets of apples and boxes containing peaches, cape gooseberries, and other fruits. More produce lines the shelves on the walls. A Chinese lantern, and paper streamers, hang from the ceiling. Photograph taken by John Reginald Wall, circa 1920s-1930s


[ca 1920s-1930s]Reference number: 1/1-013024-G1 b&w original negative(s). Glass negative. Horizontal image.Part of Wall, John Reginald, fl 1890 :Photographs (PA-Group-00215) Photographic Archive, :

1 February 1907 Advert: AH CHANG, GENERAL STOREKEEPER AND IMPORTER Of China Silk, Matting, and Preserved Ginger, etc., HIGH ST HAWERA. Goods delivered. Highest Price buyer of Fungus in any quality. Papers Past - Hawera & Normanby Star

1911-1914 Joe Lee, laundry, High St/Victoria St intersection.

Stones Directory Wellington Hawkes Bay Taranaki 1944

104 High Street Hawera - Fruit Shop - Sincere and Co, Manager Jock Tung (and Willie Lum Wing,Jung Seng, closed early 1960s.)

135 Hing T Fruiterer



3 May 1894 Advert AH CHANG, GENERAL STOREKEEPER Hawera and Manaia. Has a large stock of the best Groceries, Crockery Ironmongery, Tobacco, Fruits and Confectionery, Bran, Pollard, Wheat, Oats, etc at lowest rates for cash, Prices on application. AH CHANG, Hawera and Manaia. - Papers Past Hawera & Normanby Star.

Louis Tung Kitt and his wife Poyha retire to Manaia, after withdrawing from politics. His children Nellie and Jackson also lived in the township. Son Watson left for Wellington.

Louis Kitt was Bark Shek in 1869, arrived in Wellington New Zealand in 1887. http://www.tungjung.org.nz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=27&Itemid=31


1917 Wai Yep & Co, merchants.

http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/immigration/yeptoast.htm http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/immigration/yep.asp

1922 Wing Harry, Grocer's assistant

1922 Yep Jack, Storekeeper

1922 Yep Wai, Storekeeper

1923 Wong Hy, store assistant

1923 Yep & Co(Jack), Storekeeper


Nov 20 1905 - Advert Eltham Argus - Mr Wong Mong who premises were damaged by Fire at Kaponga.

Dec 23 1905 - Advert Wong Mong Fruiterer will shortly recommence business.


Chew Chong was the famous of all Chinese in Taranaki.

He arrived in the late 1880s - starting the refrigeration of the butter industry, responsible for the pound of butter

His enterprising manner saw him rescue many from the depression days of the 1930 - offering to buy fungus which he exported to China.

He had general stores and fungus depots in various towns around the mountain.

http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/businessAndIndustry/chewchong.htm http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/farming/waterrace.htm http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/farming/nevillewilkes.htm http://www.pukeariki.com/en/stories/immigration/chewchong.htm

Hawera & Normanby Star 31 March 1885 STAPLE PRODUCT OF THE GREAT FUNGUS PROVINCE. An excellent description of how to gather the fungus. the merchant who ship it to John Chinaman know that this uncultivated crop, this spontaneous vegetable excretion from decaying wood, is as large in extent as it is peculiarly welcome to those who profit by it in the first instance. As the widow's mite was of paramount importance because it was all she had, so the earnings from fungus gathering are larger in significance than amount, seeing tbat they are of assistance to those who, in many cases, have no other resources

The bush settler who has his instalments of deferred payment money to pay whilst be is clearing his land looks upon the fungus as, if not a means of livelihood, at least as a very important help at a time when his land would otherwise be unproductive of profit, and many selectors along the Mountain road between Normanby and Waitara has fungus to thank for the ability to meet payments of instalments for land, rates, taxes, and stores. http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/paperspast?a=d&d=HNS18850331.2.14&cl=search&srpos=101&e=-------100--101----0chinaman+waitara-all&st=1


13-8-1904 T Herald Page 3 Midhurst Fires - Mrs Wing Kee


1911-1914 Wing Kee, Mrs Store Keeper


In Patea was Lai Yee and Lai Kee Sue.

1911-1914 Lee Chong, Fruiterer

1911-1914 Wong Yew, Fruiterer

New Plymouth


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